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Published December 13, 2018

These Terms of Service ("Terms") describe the rights and obligations that apply to the use of Artunity sites and services (collectively, "Service" or "Site"), each of which is owned and managed by Sebastian Smit ("Artunity" "," We "," ours "," us ").

Please read the Terms carefully before using the Service.

If you do not agree to our terms, our Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines, you can not use our Service. Users joining the Service on behalf of a cultural institution, company or other legal entity, declare that they are entitled to oblige such entity to the Terms. If you do not have such rights, you can not accept the Terms or use the Service on behalf of such entity. The service is available to persons who have reached the age of majority in the jurisdiction of their residence, and are fully competent, competent and entitled to enter into compliance with the Terms.

Your account at Artunity

By creating an account on the Website (hereinafter referred to as "Account"), you are responsible for maintaining the security of your Account and its Content as well as all activities undertaken in the Service. The User may not describe, transfer Content to the Account in a manner that is unlawful or misleading, or violate the reputation of other persons or legal entities. Presenting content that is unethical, vulgar, obscene, racist, violent, promoting pornography, pedophilia is strictly prohibited and will be reported to the appropriate authorities for the jurisdiction of the Service. By creating an account, the User bears full responsibility for the secure storage of data to the Account, and the use of a strong password (at least 8 alphanumeric characters). Every time a security breach is found, it must be reported to Artunity immediately. The Website is not responsible for any actions, omissions, negligence of the User, in particular for damages resulting from such actions, omissions and negligence.

Your duties

By running an Account, you publish materials such as text, graphics and video using the Service, you are solely responsible for Content and you guarantee that:

downloading, copying and using the Content will not infringe on the property rights, in particular copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets of third parties.
If your employer / client has intellectual property rights you create, you declare that you have obtained the consent of the employer / principal to publish and share the Content.
Content is not malware and does not install viruses
Content is not spam, is not generated automatically or randomly and does not contain any unethical, vulgar, obscene, racist, religiously damaging content, promoting pornography, pedophilia or unwanted commercial content aimed at attracting users, increasing the search results of third-party sites and any illegal activity.
Third party licenses relating to the Content have been preserved and respected in order to be able to provide legal content to end users.
Content is not obscene, slanderous or defamatory, hateful, racist or ethnically objectionable, or infringes on the privacy rights or image of third parties
Your account can not be advertised with unwanted e-mails.
Your account can not mislead users. It is particularly forbidden to impersonate other people, institutions, companies and all entities.

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