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Dear Poster Lovers!

From February 10, 2022, the interior of the Center for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin will host the final exhibition of the 5th International Poster Biennale Lublin. Despite the pandemic, the organizers recorded a record number of applications. At the exhibition, we will see the best works selected by an international jury from over 4,000 posters sent to the competition by artists and designers from dozens of countries around the world. A wide spectrum of topics covered, a wide range of means of expression used by participants and a variety of creative attitudes: from graphic minimalism and vector discipline to painting expression, will provide a lot of visual impressions not only for connoisseurs of poster art. The traditional formula of the Lublin biennial is to show the works of art school students and professionals in the same exhibition spaces. This guarantees fresh optics, unheard of at other similar inspections. The winners will be announced during the opening on February 10, 2022 at 18:00.

The organizer of the event is the Institute of Fine Arts of the Faculty of Arts of UMCS in Lublin, co-organizer: Center for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin. The event was held under the patronage of the Rector of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, prof. dr hab. Radosław Dobrowolski.

Monika Starowicz

Juror | Poland

poster artist, b. 1974 in Katowice, associated with the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, where she tries to open students' heads and spread their wings. She also deals with drawing and graphics. She took part in many exhibitions of poster art in Poland and abroad.


Agnieszka Sobczyńska

Juror | Poland

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, 1993 / 94-1997 / 98 Faculty of Interior Architecture and Industrial Design, 1998 Diploma in the Studio of Visual Communication prof. Wiesław Zajączkowski in the field of graphic design of postage stamps, annex - painting in the studio of prof. Anna Kowalska-Szewczyk. Scholarship holder of the Minister of Culture and Art.

Artistically specializes in philately and poster projects. He also deals with graphic design, corporate identity, projects for music and book publishers.

Xiaodong Zhang

Juror | China

Professor , PhD, President of School of Art and Design, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, Beijing, China, Director of the R & D City Image and Brand Design Center, Beijing, China.

Xiaodong Zhang joined the School of Art and Design, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication in 2004 and currently is the President of the School of Art and Design. He worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Industrial Safety at Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China between 2010 to 2013.

He is a member of the Design Committee of China Packaging Federation (CPF), a member of Creative Design Committee of China Printing Technology Association, a member of Capital Corporate Image research association, the special committee of Education of China Fashion and Color Association and a member of Chinese Academy of aesthetics.

Mohammad Afshar

Juror | Iran

-- Art Director and Graphic Designer
-- The member of Iran Theater Froum Poster Designers' association 
-- Start of the professional Graphic designing from 2004
-- The winner of more than 50 national and international awards and honors
-- Exhibit of the works in more than 200 national & international graphic exhibition, festivals,...
-- Member of the pre-selection board and the jury of 24 creditable international festivals (Russia,Ukraine, Iran,Mexico,Ecuador,France,Kyrgyzstan,Italy,Turkey,Cyprus,Moldova,...)
-- Printing the works in more than 100 National and International books and Catalouge of Graphic Design
-- Teaching posters at the university 

Mohammad Afshar

David Blaiklock

Juror | Australia

He is an illustrator and educator based in Adelaide, South Australia. Since 2000 he has taught in the Communication Design program at the School of Art, Architecture and Design, University of South Australia (UniSA), specializing in Illustration design.He is currently the discipline leader of the new UniSA Illustration and Animation Program (2018), and also coordinate Illustration within the Graduate Diploma and Master of Design programs. His pictures have been produced for use in a broad range of industries including design, advertising, interactive media, animation and publishing. He currently utilize a combination of both traditional (ink, watercolor, drawing, painting) and digital media depending of the purpose and context of the work.

Piotr Florianowicz

Juror | Poland

Piotr Florianowicz assistant professor at the Department of Graphic Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Participant of several dozen exhibitions and interdisciplinary projects, his works were presented, among others in: Bolivia, the Czech Republic, France, Finland, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Peru, Portugal and Ukraine. Scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. He is involved in author's poster, graphic design and educational activities. He also conducts workshops for children and teenagers. He lives in Toruń and likes to spend time at the Baltic Sea.

Lech Mazurek

Curator, juror | Poland

He creates graphic design, printmaking, posters and paintings. He is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Arts at MCSU in Lublin and has been a PhD since 2017. He graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Arts, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He did his diploma in the Publishing Graphic Design workshop of professor Lech Majewski, and his painting annex with professor Adam Styka. He has been a member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers since 2008 and Otwarta Pracownia Association from 2010. He is the co-founder and curator of the Lublin International Poster Biennale and PrintON - International Graphic and Poster Meeting. He is the author of 12 individual exhibitions and a participant of over 60 collective exhibitions and competitions (including Australia, China, Czech Republic, South Korea, Lithuania, Sweden, Tunisia, USA, Great Britain).

Sebastian Smit

Curator, originator, juror | Poland

He is a visual artist, who presented his works at several individual and collective exhibitions. He is an academic teacher at the Faculty of Arts at MCSU, he worked as a visiting professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Taiyuan, the Institute of Design in Beijing, and the Renmin University in Beijing. He is the originator, co-curator and co- -organizer of the Lublin International Poster Biennale, and a curator of international exhibitions. In art, he is interested in searching for an abstract form, created with point, sign and plane. He is inspired by old, destroyed items and transformation processes. His painting is full of „dirty” colour, his graphics are usually black - as if he wanted to get rid of beauty. He considers beauty a slavish imitation of what is generally regarded as perfect.

Qualified artists

Thank you for the submitted applications.

We received about 4k posters. Below, we present the list of qualified artists. Congratulation!

NOTE: The spelling of the names was declared by the participants on their individual profiles

Category Professionals

Adam Kurłowicz
Adrián Santiago
Agnieszka & Kamil Popek-Banach & Banach
Agnieszka Dajczak
Agnieszka Srokosz
Agnieszka Węglarska
Aleksander Walijewski
Alireza Pourhanife
Andreas Stettler
Andrzej Dobosz
Andrzej Wieteszka
Anna Chmielnik
Artur Skowroński
Babak Safari
Bartosz Mamak
Christoph Stettler
Claudio Sotolongo
dan jin
Dariush Allahyari
Dawid Czajkowski
Delin Zeng
Dmitry Rekin
Dominika Czerniak-Chojnacka
Dong Jin
Edel Rodríguez (MOLA)
Edik Boghosian
Ekaterina Shilova
Erick Ginard
Eugeniusz Skorwider
Faldin Family
Fan Zhiming
Gonzalo Holtheuer
Grzegorz Kabas
guozhong cui
Hosein Eskandari
Huilin wang
hung chang lin
iraj Mirza Alikhani
Ivan Kashlakov
Ivan Mišić
Ivan Ostrovski
jacek staniszewski
Jakub Kamiński
Javier jaen
Jheng-Chang CHEN
Jianfei Lu
Jie-Fei Yang
Jingmeng Bi
Joanna Ambroz
Jorge González Morales
José Luis López Macías
Jouri Toreev
Justyna Jędrysek
Kai Xu
Kaled Avila
Karla Margarita Gómez Batlle
Karol Łukasiewicz
Karolina Zielazek
Katarzyna Zapart
Kourosh Beigpour
Krzysztof Białowicz
Kseniia Krasnopevtseva
Leszek Żebrowski
Luis Antonio Rivera Rodriguez
Magdalena Madoń
Magdalena Wosik
Marcin Grabia
Marek Maciejczyk
Marie Lavis
Marko Kekishev
Marta Gawin
Mehrdokht Darabi
Michael Braley
Michał Stachacz
Milos Despenic
Mirosław Adamczyk
Mirosław Rymar
Mirosław Zdrodowski
Nahid Ghahremani
Nana Kwandoh
Naufan Noordyanto
Nelli Kamaeva
Nikodem Pręgowski
Nvard Yerkanyan
Onur Aşkın
Patrycja Longawa
pawel krolart
Pen Kuei Xiao
PengJun PengJun
Peter Elias
Peter Javorik
Ping Chen Chen
Piotr Karczewski
Piotr Olejarz
Przemysław Hajek
Przemysław Szydłowski
Rikke Hansen
Robert Young
Saeideh Bagherpour Najafabad
Sebastian Bauman
Sebastian Kubica
sheng cao
stanislaw gajewski
Stanisław Wieczorek
Sándor Csala
Sławomir Kosmynka  / C A D I O /
Thomas Kühnen
Tomasz Bogusławski
Tomasz Pietrek
Túlio Grandi
Valérie Voyer
Veronika Barrera
Weronika Jaźwińska
Wojciech Janicki
Wojciech Zatorski
xilong liu
xuejun song
Xuwei Zhang
Yang Liege
Yong Huang
zhiming Fan
Zhusheng Lin
Łukasz Mesjasz

Category Students

Agata Burzyńska
Aleksandra Kotowicz
Aleksandra Studzińska
Anna Siemińska
Carilla Karahan
Darya Budzko
edris jamali
Ezgi Şen
Fengqiu Wang
Fulai Xie
Grzegorz Warowny
Huiying Li
Iwona M
jiayi lin
Jinzuo Wu
Junhui Cai
Junjun Fan
Kamila Płochacka
Karolina Lasota
Katarzyna Nachman
Katarzyna Orkwiszewska
Katarzyna Solarska
Kexin Pan
Kristina Polender
Li Jiahao
liao fengyan
lina ma
lulu yu
lv 思文
Maciej Urbański
Magdalena Kosewska
Mahroo Mansouri
Maria Fedina
Maria Łucewicz
maryam honarmand
Maryia Bohush
melina karimian
Michał Olkowicz
Michelle Minerva
Milos Despenic
Oliwier Radzikowski
pengyang lu
Sichen Kong
Stefan Ilic
Stefan Mijić
Suneeha Tahir
wenqi zheng
Weronika Sokołowska
Wojciech Cegłowski
Xinyi Jing
Yana Hrabovska
Yang Shen
yekta shekarinejad
Yi Yao
Yiling Zhuang
Yongfang Wang
Yue Zheng
yulu&shuhan zhou&yang
Zheng Dongyu
Zihao Bi
Zorana Urumovic
Zuzanna Kwapińska
俊杰 苏
可心 李
吴 青霞
宏 邓
忠宇 王
欣茹 李
童 张
腾蛟 孙


Agnieszka & Kamil Popek-Banach & Banach
Agnieszka Węglarska
Aleksandra Wójcik
Alena Linnask
Alireza Pourhanife
Andrzej Dobosz
Andrzej Wieteszka
Anna Black
Cagla Su Surmeli
Christoph Stettler
Chun-Ta Chu
Damian Kłaczkiewicz
Damian Ziółkowski
Daniel Meier
Dawid Czajkowski
Diana Yaroslavtseva
Jakub Balicki
Jakub Kamiński
John Summers
Jouri Toreev
Kamil Kamysz
Karolina Grudzińska
Klaudia Skrobek
Krzysztof Białowicz
Lex Drewinski
Magdalena Madoń
Melinda Magyar
Michalis Bairaktaris
Mirosław Adamczyk
Mirosław Zdrodowski
Nahid Ghahremani
Nvard Yerkanyan
Peter Javorik
Piotr Kaczmarek
Piotr Karczewski
Piotr Olejarz
Rikke Hansen
Sławomir Kosmynka  / C A D I O /
Vitaly Bondar
Wang Yongfang
Wojciech Cegłowski
Wojciech Janicki
Wojciech Kołek
Wojciech Mazur
Wojciech Osuchowski
Xinan Niu
Xinhao Pan
xuejun song
zhouhai Wang

Exhibition venue

Date: February 10, 6 p.m.
Place: Center for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin, place Teatralny 1
Entry: free

From February 10, 2022, the interior of the Center for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin will host the final exhibition of the 5th International Poster Biennale Lublin. Despite the pandemic, the organizers recorded a record number of applications. At the exhibition, we will see the best works selected by an international jury from over 4,000 posters sent to the competition by artists and designers from dozens of countries around the world.

The winners will be announced during the opening on February 10, 2022 at 6 pm.

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