Poetic life Poetic life

Poetic life

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Zhao Liu
Typography poster //TYPE+TEXT Festival — invited only

Typography poster //TYPE+TEXT Festival — invited only


"Buddha is a very helpful oriental woman.She help you once" is a famous poem by Haizi. I designed in form of verse Seal (in order to increase the degree of recognition, I combin the traditional and modern characters ), like a general promise. Lightbox are commonly used in commercial shops, they presents in the context of Beijing temple, the poetry and the Jieyin Dian temple with Buddha do a contact. Image language go into symbols, causing us to think about poetryand real life. “菩萨是一位很愿意帮忙的东方女人一生只帮你一次”是著名诗人海子的诗歌。本人将这一个诗句设计为篆书的形式呈现(其中为了增加辨识度,将传统字形与现代文字字形相结合),整个组合像篆刻,如一个承诺一般。材料上用现代商业店铺普遍使用的灯箱呈现,置于北京西郊慈善寺的语境中,将诗歌与接引殿这一与菩萨有关的道场做了一个联系。将图像符号转为语言符号,引发我们对于诗意生活膜拜与现实生活的思考。

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