Iron picture“The virtuous like mountains” Iron picture“The virtuous like mountains”

Iron picture“The virtuous like mountains”

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Shi Qixin
Typography poster //TYPE+TEXT Festival — invited only

Typography poster //TYPE+TEXT Festival — invited only


The virtuous quiet like mountains, Confucius said that the virtuous had some virtues just like mountains, for example, calm, stability, tolerance and kind-hearted. This work combines the modern flamboyant handwriting “the virtuous” with traditional quiet landscape to show reflection about the conflict between traditional culture and modern civilization. And it was a Wuhu iron picture which was one of the China’s intangible cultural heritage. 【Brief Introduction Of Wuhu Iron Picture】 Wuhu iron picture is the first batch of China’s intangible cultural heritage, “Guest-Greeting Pine” is a famous Wuhu iron picture work which is displayed in Beijing Great Hall of the People. This kind of picture is made of iron and is forged by thousands of times. After smelts the iron in the furnace, and then forges, drills, welds and files it, the producer makes the iron into a painting. During the process, he takes the hammer as pen and iron as ink. The characteristic of Wuhu iron picture is that it has the strong smell of smoke, and the trace of hammered forging. Finally, it shows a strong sense of texture and unique artistic experience.

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