United Nations Sustainable Goal nr. 3 – Health & Well-being United Nations Sustainable Goal nr. 3 – Health & Well-being

United Nations Sustainable Goal nr. 3 – Health & Well-being

Created by
Rikke Hansen



Invitational Poster created for ChoraConnection. Chora Connection is a Danish non-profit organisation with a mission to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals before 2030 by driving concrete behavioural change towards a sustainable society. The goal of the poster is to create awareness about United Nations Sustainable Goals 2030. Specifically Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well- being for all at all ages is important to building prosperous societies. However, despite great strides in improving people’s health and well- being in recent years, inequalities in health care access still persist. More than six million children still die before their fifth birthday each year, and only half of all women in developing regions have access to the health care they need. Epidemics like HIV/ AIDS thrive where fear and discrimination limit people’s ability to receive the services they need to live healthy and productive lives. Access to good health and well-being is a human right, and that is why the Sustainable Development Agenda offers a new chance to ensure that everyone can access the highest standards of health and health care— not just the wealthiest.

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