Labyrinth Labyrinth


Created by
Magdalena Kościańska
Typography poster //TYPE+TEXT Festival — invited only

Typography poster //TYPE+TEXT Festival — invited only


In my work I like to play with letters - with their form as well as with function - in illustrative and decorative way. "Labyrinth" was prepared for the Type Faces competition, organized by Printing House Perfekt, Arctic Paper and Heidelberg. The participants of the competition had to create a typographical composition or illustrate any single letter with regard to the chosen printing technology. On the basis of submitted works, was created a kind of unique printed set from which designers can draw inspiration and see how the printing technology presents on the paper. The whole set includes projects printed in couple of different technologies. There was 7 technologies to choose, i.a. UV varnish, fluorescent ink, printing on tracing paper or gold + silver. For my project I choosed the last one. My project won one of the three main prizes and was originally printed on Arctic Paper as a part of the whole set.

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