19th Film Festival Cinema on the Border 19th Film Festival Cinema on the Border

19th Film Festival Cinema on the Border

Created by
Iwona Cichy



One of the themes of the 19th Film Festival Cinema on the Border was "Mavericks and Rebels," and it contributed to the creation of the visual identification of this edition. Numerous interpretations of the border can be created – as a place and a connecting point between two types of energy - but to use them for the purpose of creating a common, brand new feature was the author’s preferred approach. Energy is vital for us in order to undertake every activity; without it individuals cannot make important changes in their lives, as it positively propels our actions. Finally, when we succeed in achieving the desired goal and re-establish the balance in a new reality, it enables us to experience a blissful moment of recuperation, followed by the eagerly anticipated stillness. This was the idea behind the poster and the other graphical elements of the 19th edition - from the catalogue to the accreditation - to create something energetic that catches the recipients' attention in public space.

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