Playfulness and Typography Playfulness and Typography

Playfulness and Typography

01-06-2022 — 31-08-2022
9 months ago
Poster, Typography

Poster Design Competition

Theme: 'Playfulness and Typography'

Design a poster to express/represent ‘Playfulness’ through Typography

You can use
- The Language, Script and Typeface of your choice. You can make use of one letter, one word, many words or even a paragraph composed of words that express ‘Playfulness’.
- Calligraphic or digitally created letterforms or existing fonts, or a combination of these can be used for the poster.

The resulting poster should be of the size and specification given below.
This competition is open to students, faculty and professionals. The competition is open to all - non resident Indians, as well as foreign citizens can take part in it.

For online Poster Submission click here.........>>>

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